Footloose & Featherbound #18

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Footloose & Featherbound #180047_2_TI_Footloose-%26-Featherbound-%2318.jpg

Footloose & Featherbound #18

Stars: Cleo, Coral, Mistress Erzsebet, Francesca Le, Kat (General)

In our latest roundup of feathers and feet, we have “Tickling on Campus” about a college girl who needs a little spice in her life. Benny is quick to oblige both his girlfriend and his secret girlfriend. Lots of tickling toes and action in this funfest of ties and tickles! In “Happy Ties,” Francesca Le and her friend Coral are reminiscing about old times. Their old times include a tickling session which brought gales of laughter and sexual excitement to their tormented afternoon. In “Time 4 Tickling,” we find Kat and Cleo arriving at a beach house, intent on a fun weekend. What follows are strong ties and tickling that leaves them breathless. Kat promises to pleasure Cleo in the bedroom with the special toys that are found there. And finally, in “Spit and Tickle,” Nik has fallen asleep, only to begin an erotic dream about him and Erzsebet. His fantasy finds him tickling her fiercely and tying her to the bedroom ceiling. It soon follows that she is taken to the living room, and there too she is pleasantly tormented by numerous methods including plenty of action on her wriggling toes. You will enjoy our latest retrospect.


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  1. Stan Says:

    Dear Webmaster: Download Tickling Video 0047_TI_.wmv | 701.3 Mb

    This Download Links To The Old ORON Server That Is out of service! Could you find a replacement? As this is a rare Mistress Erzsenet sub video, that is not available free, on the internet.

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    I plan to restore all Tickling videos. soon.

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