Footloose & Featherbound 7

Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Footloose & Featherbound 7

Stars: Rene Morgan, Marilyn Rose, Candy Luv, Jane Rodeo, Arcie Miller

Our newest installment of our “Footloose and Featherbound” series involves quite a variety to satisfy your foot fetish pleasure.

There’s something for all of you and this video brings back some of our classic “footage” just to tantalize you. After all, California Star has been one of the premier producers of this type of product for many years.

The emphasis is placed on the feet of our lovely and quite ticklish young, attractive actresses who are tied then tickled quite unmercifully.

The titles we have included are the newer: Tickling R.N. and Tickling Shoe Salesamanand also our classic Tied & Tickled 12 (Dr. Ticklestein), Tied & Tickled 13 (Julius Teaser) and Tied & Tickled 20 (Young Proffessor Ticklestein). You are sure to enjoy this foot tickling fest.


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