Footloose & Featherbound 9

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Footloose & Featherbound 9

SWEETLIES: Have you ever wondered what ticklish girlfriends do when they get together? Well, we have a sample here for you. A couple of roommates look over a bondage magazine and decide to try it out. Since the most ticklish area for both of them are their feet, that is what they concentrate on.

TICKLING IN THE MOOD: Our next story concerns a young housewife who has a “Tickling Server” come to her home for a rousing tickling session. Time flies as they really get into it. There is much concentration on the feet, as you will see. These women are very ticklish!

SPLASH & TICKLE: And another set of friends take full advantage of each other playing around in the bathroom tying each other up and tickling each other unmercifully. They too seem to concentrate on each other’s bare feet. The fun only continues once they get into a large Jacuzzi bathtub.

THE HAPPY WOODCUTTER: And lastly, we find two young female campers who are terrorized by a reclusive woodsman who delights in tying them up and tickling them, their feet especially. Then he decides to strip them and put them through the ecstasy all over again! This one has a multitude of action with extremely ticklish young women.


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