Funny Bunny Tickle Bug

Friday, October 14, 2011

Funny Bunny Tickle Bug0042_2_TI_Funny-Bunny-Tickle-Bug.jpg

Funny Bunny Tickle Bug

Stars: Bunny, Soma, Nik, Goddess Soma

Goddess Soma had a great ticking session with one of her clients the night before and decides that she want to tie her friend Bunny. Watch as Goddess Soma tickles Cut Bunny like crazy in multiple positions… This film has loads or armpits, knees, rib, and foot tickling. Tickle Bug

Watch as these two get wild with their tickling session. Nik and his new friend waste no time getting started. He quickly gets her bound and the tickling action begins. Lots of feet, ribs, and under arm tickling in many positions. This double feature is sure to make you laugh!


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