Tied & Tickled Classics 12

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Tied & Tickled Classics 12

Stars: Jay Dee, Allison Chains

PLAYMATES – Angela usually enjoys her life, but today, she’s bored with the whole routine. Remembering how much fun she and her best friend Gina had as children, she decides to call her an invite her over to talk about old times. While reminiscing, they agree that they had fun as kids. But they also realize that they could have a lot more fun playing together now that they’re older. Gina finds some old rope in the garage and the games begin as she binds Angela with it. They torment one another by taking turns tightly binding and tickling all the laughter out of each other, until Angela’s husband catches them, and they have to explain being playmates.

TICKLE ME RAW – Big busted Blake is the first to criticize her roommate for appearing in tickling magazines. “How can you do this?” she asks Desi. “For $5,000, you’ll do pretty much anything,” Desi answers. Blake’s greedy side makes her want to find out more. But before Desi gives Blake her contacts number, she decides to give her a demonstration, complete with cooking utensils and ice. Even though she is tightly bound, Blake struggles valiantly to get free. When she finally does, she wants revenge and the girls go into a free-for-all.

TWINS – “Excuse me, Sir.” Employees have a habit of wanting to talk to you when you are up to your neck in paperwork. “Yes, what is it, girl?” he says lifting his eyes in anticipaion. “Well… I have been working for you for some time now, and I thought, maybe, it was time for me to get a raise.” Now you’re pissed! And it’s a Monday to boot. “Oh you do, do you?” Such a lovely young girl, she is worth a little more salary. “I’ll cut a deal with you. I like a little slap and tickle…that could earn you extra cash. What do you say?” He tickles her in all her ticklish spots, and she quite enjoys it. He starts to undress her, and when she is naked, he grabs her and binds her with tope to his office chair and leaves her there to struggle to get free.

CREDIT APPLICATION – Renting an apartment can be a costly and frustrating experience for anyone. Not to mention the problems if you can’t come up with enough money for the deposit. But our realtor has a unique way of getting around any problems that arise. Jim loves to tie up lovely young ladies and tickle them mercilessly. Even before showing his newest, lovely, prospective renters an apartment he’s sure they’ll love, Jim knows his afternoon will be filled with delight. They’ll have to convince him with all of their might that they are deserving of such a wonderful place to live. But you can be sure that unless Jim is greatly pleased, these young ladies will still be looking for a place to live tomorrow.

ANYTHING TO DECLARE – This Customs Officer is very thorough and takes pride in making sure that all the rules and regulations are followed by all passengers. Today he is faced with the details he needs, they will endure a session of tickling torture. Jim restrains them with topes and uses all his tickling tools to get them to confess.


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