Tied & Tickled Classics 4

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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Tied & Tickled Classics 4

Tickle Bondage producer Tony Sinclaire will go out to great lengths to tickle your fancy. He’ll plumb the forbidden regions of the imagination. He’ll take you to the secret laboratory where Son of Dr. Ticklestein performs his perverse experiments on innocent village maidens. To the private residence of an average Joe with lots of time on his hands and two ticklish bound girls on his bed. To backstage dressing rooms where young striptease dancers undergo unique tickles training to further her career. To back alleys and cheap brothels where tickling dick uses his own methods of persuasion to get to the bottom of things. And to a technician suffer mind-boggling tickle torments at the hands of a strange humanoid from the planet tickletron. Our odyssey takes us from one end of the imagination to the other. And what do we find? Girls! Beautiful, sensuous, shapely girls. And best of all, they’re very ticklish!


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