Web Site Wriggles & Dr. Soma’s Treatment

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Web Site Wriggles & Dr. Soma's Treatment0046_2_TI_Web-Site-Wriggles-%26-Dr.-Soma%27s-Treatment.jpg

Web Site Wriggles & Dr. Soma’s Treatment

Stars: Mina Meow, Goddess Soma, Emily Addison, Vera Dylan

-Web Site Wriggles-

Emily was searching the web and came across a tickling web site. She found it very intriguing, so she calls Mina to check it out. After viewing the hot tickling, the girls decide to try it firsthand. Mina quickly grabs the ropes, and the fun begins! Emily tickles Mina furiously while tied to the chair, with her hands and legs secured tightly with soft rope. Now it’s Emily’s turn, tied up on her back, on top of the table. Mina seeks revenge and tickles her ribs and feet like mad! After a few more positions, Emily and Mina decide to share their new experience with a friend.

-Dr. Soma’s Treatment-

Vera isn’t feeling very well and thought she better go see the Doctor, Dr. Soma that is. She specializes in making people feel good and today she gets to try a new treatment out. Vera isn’t too sure at first but once the treatment starts there is no turning back. Strapped down, Vera is tickled intensely with fingers, feathers, and even a syringe! Sexy Girls, Great Bondage, and Loads of Hard Tickling! This is one funny film you don’t want to miss!


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