Wynter’s Tales

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Wynter’s Tales

Stars: Wynter Prendergast, Carol Everson

Wynter’s Tales is the story of two lesbian lovers – Wynter Prendergast and Carol Everson – a relationship that started when they were sixth formers at a posh school.

In the first reminiscence, they are caught in bed together and sent to the headmaster for ten strokes of the cane each. Wynter is made a prefect first and we see her give Carol a sound six of the best. A little later Wynter is deprefected and Carol appointed in her place. Carol of course uses this chance to get her revenge, with six of the best for Wynter. The story then moves on to the time Wynter introduced Carol to a dungeon, where she is cropped and caned by Wynter, with enthusiasm.

Next Christmas, Carol is very late back from the office party
Wynter seizes the opportunity to thrash Carol yet again, this time over a special stool she has made for the purpose. Finally, as the girls chat about corporal punishment in their relationship, Carol suddenly decides that is has gone too far
she soundly spanks and paddles the stunned Wynter!

Also included are two shorts: School Dance Fiasco and After Concert Triple. Enjoy!


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