Caned Into The Record Books

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Caned Into The Record Books

Stars: Bonnie Heart, Simone-Claire, Rebekah Jordan
Released: 2003

Three attractive schoolgirls, Rachel, Lucy and Holly have been held back for detention. When their sports teacher informs them that Mrs. Fox isn’t able to attend the girls have to make their own entertainment for the next hour.

Due to Rachel’s popularity both Lucy and Holly want to please her and get into her gang. ‘I have been doing some research’ explains Rachel. ‘The record amount of corporal punishment administered by any teacher to a single student is five times in one day. I would like to see one of you two take more!’

Lucy and Holly are no strangers to the cane and they suggest that a competition between the two begin with the winner being in Rachel’s gang. Rachel is avidly spanking Holly’s bare bottom when Lucy comes back with more spanking implements. After their bottoms have been severely caned by Rachel they both turn on her and pull her knickers down for a spanking!

Now they are ready to take on the teachers!


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