No Ifs, Ands – Just Butts! 2

Sunday, November 27, 2011


No Ifs, Ands – Just Butts! 2

Stars: Kailee, Katherine St. James, Zille DeFeu, Juno Albright, Catherine De Sade, Bailey Sullivan, Dia Zerva, Leia-Ann Woods, Cheyenne Jewel, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Rucca Page, Clare Fonda, Amber Rayne, Paris Kennedy, Madison Young, Sarah Blake, Nikki Rouge

Featuring just the female bottom close up action from 22 exciting spanking scenes.

Presenting the 2nd in our series of video compendiums focusing strictly on the rear view angles of lovely ladies getting spanked. Each segment begins with a brief look at the spankee’s face, then plunges directly into the close up bottom cheek action from 22 separate scenes. This collection showcases: British glamazon Amelia Rutherford’s aristocratic bottom being reddened by Keith Jones
blushing Bailey Sullivan sternly disciplined by Alex Doyle
Kailee submitting her voluptuous buttocks to Tom Byron’s hard hand
Leia-Ann Woods’ trim, ballerina’s bottom smartly chastised by Keith
Madison Young’s dainty backside soundly smacked by Butch Simms, Snow Mercy’s stunning rear stringently slapped by Tom Byron
Vivacious Dia Zerva spanked and having her temp taken in her bottom by Chelsea Pfeiffer
Juno Albright receiving strict discipline from Vanny
Kailee spanked by Seth
Paris Kennedy thrusting out her gorgeous behind for Butch Simms to polish
Sarah Blake’s plump little rear lambasted by sorority sisters Dia and Lily
Kat St. James’ tiny heinie stained magenta by both Gretta Carlson and Kyle Johnson
Nikki Rouge’s perfect posterior spanked to a glow by Steve Fuller
Amber Rayne’s insatiable derriere punished and explicitly probed by Dia
Cheyenne Jewel’s athletic rear warmed by King Mattie
Clare Fonda’s curvaceous fanny tanned by Duncan Defeu
Zille Defeu’s pert seat firmly swatted, rudely spread and fully penetrated by a toy wielding Clare Fonda
Sexy redhead Catherine de Sade soundly spanked by Butch
Rucca Page’s luscious backside stung by Steve Fuller’s hand
Cheyenne spanked and paddled by both Steve and Rucca
and Dia trading hard spankings with Paris.

Whether you identify as a spanker, a spankee, or a switch, No Ifs, Ands — Just Butts lets you put yourself in their place!


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