Roxy and Mica get Spanked

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Roxy and Mica get Spanked

Roxy and Mica are two schoolgirls sitting on the couch trying to study their biology when Mica just can’t keep her mind off of sex. So Roxy gets out the paddle and starts giving Mica a good spanking. Then it becomes Mica’s turn and she spanks Roxy. They take turns spanking each other behind then the clothes come off until they are both naked. With fannies red and sore they start to kiss and play with each other both coming to a great orgasm the same time. This is a lot of fun and will keep you watching this DVD over and over again.


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File Name : 0963_Roxy_and_Mica_get_Spanked.wmv
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Resolution : 640×476
Duration : 00:36:02

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