The Discipline Diaries Vol. 1

Thursday, November 10, 2011


The Discipline Diaries Vol. 1

Stars: Krissy, Master Warlock
Released: 2006

Personal records… experiences… secrets…

Well, it’s certainly no secret how gorgeous Krissy is, and certainly no secret that she’s a passionately submissive girl who wants so very much to please you. You can see how much she wants to please you in this recent addition to our venerable vault of voyeuristic video. It will become no secret that she has gone to the next level for you.

Master Warlock returns as her guide in the disciplinarian arts and soon Krissy’s taut naked body comes alive with erotic energy, his skill with the whip and cane enveloping her in their sultry seduction of submission and pain.

No gimmicks here folks, just top notch play from real players in the scene!


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Duration : 00:58:59

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