Bent on Sorority

Sunday, December 4, 2011



Bent on Sorority

No doubt about it, Epsilon Psi Omega is the only sorority worth joining – or at least that’s what Tamsyn was told. However, bent over with her legs stretched wide and bottom in the air awaiting the first swat from a rather unpleasant-looking wooden paddle, she’s not so sure. The first resounding thwack does nothing to allay her fears – it just stings like hell! Why the hell does joining a sorority have to be so painful? With that thought in mind, Tamsyn endures the remaining five swats before pulling her panties up tight and fully exposing her butt-cheeks to another six. Then, having just witnessed Tamsyn’s ordeal, it’s Skye’s turn to feel the paddle’s attentions. Six across her flimsy panties followed by six more with them pulled up tight! But that’s just the preliminaries – now comes the real thing! Twelve strokes of the spanking girls, delivered without ceremony across already-sore bare bottoms, whilst taking turns being ‘horse’ and presenting perfect targets for thrashing!

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