Caned for Inappropriate Behaviour

Wednesday, December 7, 2011



Caned for Inappropriate Behaviour

Claire had just been spanked by Mr Taylor and was doing cornertime awaiting his return. Miss Spencer entered and felt sorry for the wellspanked spanking girls so offered to “rub her better”. Unfortunately for both teacher and pupil it wasn’t Claire’s bottom that was being rubbed when Mr Taylor returned. Rather than reporting the matter to the head which would have meant dismissal for MIss Spencer and expulsion for the girl, the pair chose to accept their punishment from the schoolmaster. Claire was ordered to kneel on the chair and received six of the very best across her bare bottom which had her crying pitifully. Miss Spencer then suffered the humiliation of having to bare her bottom before taking Claire’s place for an even harder caning from Mr Taylor. The young teacher was also reduced to tears and the chastened pair were left sobbing and hugging each other in the corporal punishment room.

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  1. collector Says:

    This ones been reported. Any chance of a reupload?

  2. simcha Says:

    can u reup the movies with miss carter and also this movie?

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