Caneful Revenge – The Director’s Cut

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Caneful Revenge – The Director’s Cut

This is NOT all three parts from our Caneful Revenge trilogy combined! The Director’s Cut has been totally re-edited and contains several new or extended scenes not in the original trilogy (It also excludes a few as well). There’s still plenty of otk spanking, but we’ve added some new scenes with Tamarind in nurse’s outfit receiving the paddle from Chantal topless in bed. There is also part of Chantal’s sexy striptease routine, complete with lights and haunting theme. Another addition is the extended caning scene where Chantal and Tammy takes turns thrashing a rather regretful Grace (Skye), gagged and tied across a coffee table. Aside from being longer, this is far more intense than the original and culminates in a final six-of-the-best certain to satisy the most demanding of caning afficionados. Even so, it in no way diminishes the 60-stroke ‘caning competition’ finale between Tamarind and Chantal. Whether you already have some or all of the original trilogy, we think you’ll agree that The Director’s Cut is well worth getting as well!

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