Chelsea Spanks! Elizabeth & January

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Chelsea Spanks! Elizabeth & January

Stars: Chelsea Pfeiffer, January Seraph, Elizabeth Anne

Released: 2009

Elizabeth’s Spanking: Sweet and very pretty Elizabeth Anne had never been spanked before, but somehow she instinctively knew what spanking is about. I did go easy on her, at first. You know how I hate to scare away the cuties. I spanked Elizabeth’s perfect, firm and yet bouncy bottom a little harder with each smack, warming her up to the concept that spankings do, indeed, need to sting. She could take more than she realized! I talked casually with her as I stepped up the spanking little by little. As she grew comfortable with me and I gained her trust, she took a little more. By the time I got to the hairbrush, she understood about the sting and reacted as though she was “warming up” to the idea that the sting can be a good thing. She then took my small, square leather paddle and finally a perfectly respectable strapping. Okay, this isn’t the hardest scene we’ve ever done. It’s not about hard. Elizabeth is simply, completely spankable. A breathtakingly lovely girl-next-door who wanted to try out being a little bit naughty!

January’s Spanking: January had been spanked before and by me, too. We did some scenes for and I had spanked her pretty hard in those because they’re relatively short and plot driven. Spankings are usually harder when I’m “in character.” So, she wasn’t sure she could withstand a half-hour straight of uninterrupted spanking from me. She had to be coaxed. But, she did want to come back for more and so she agreed. I promised her I’d do it just right and I did. Turns out January has a much higher tolerance than she admits. I gave her a good warm up and, by the time I got to the implements, I was spanking her pretty darned hard and she wasn’t even coloring up very much. That’s when I knew I actually had a hard player on my hands who was maybe afraid of her own ability to take it and my willingness to test her limits!


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