Chelsea Spanks – Katy & Francesca

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Chelsea Spanks – Katy & Francesca

Stars: Katy, Chelsea, Francesa

Released: 2008

Katy Rose is a new girl on the block as far as being a spanking model, but she’s not new to getting spanked. Knowing that this little woman has a reputation for being a hard player, She quickly moved on to giving Katy a sound hand spanking. Next Chelsea moved on to the spanking tools: a small leather paddle, two heart-shaped, thick wooden paddles of different sizes, a thick wooden bath brush and finally, Chelsea’s favorite leather strap.As Chelsea worked her way through the array of implements, working them thoroughly over Katy’s round rump, the girl finally began to feel the burn. Did Katy goad Chelsea into giving her what she deserved? You betcha!! Chelsea was more than pleased to have the opportunity to re-introduce Francesca’s fine, bubble-butt to the sting of a good spanking. Francesca kicked and squealed like the best of them, showing that she hasn’t lost a bit of her fine form in all this time. This lovely Latina took one heck of a spanking! Soon it was time to move on to the implements: a hairbrush, a red paddle, a little, stingy blue ruler and a steel reinforced black strap.Francesca’s fabulous fanny takes all that Chelsea had to dish out and took it beautifully.


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