Discipline Of Amanda & Punishment Of Sula

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Discipline Of Amanda & Punishment Of Sula

Stars: Amanda, Sir Nik, Sula

Released: 2009

As one of the disciplinarians at the theatrical arts school, Sir Nik is always on the lookout for naughty young women! Threatening to take her scholarship unless she conforms to his discipline, Amanda is first to receive an over the knee spanking. Placing her in multiple positions, a red leather strap, hairbrush, wooden paddles, and the cane are used to place red welts on her soft white bottom.

Later that evening it’s Sula’s turn to enter Sir Nik’s Discipline Quarters where she is told that she was spotted at one of the local strip clubs stripping for money. This is not the proper behavior for such a distinguished school. Leather straps, wooden paddles, and the swishy cane are also applied to Sula’s pale bottom.


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