Hairbrush Hidings – Michelle

Thursday, December 8, 2011



Hairbrush Hidings – Michelle

Michelle had been dancing all night and forgotten the time. She arrived home and was delighted to find Aunt Violet waiting for her instead of Daddy, so thought she had escaped the sore bottom she was expecting. However Aunt Violet had other ideas and hauled the little madam across her knee for a sound hand spanking. After being ordered to bed Michelle called her aunt a bitch. Violet was not prepared to put up with such insolence and immediately put Michelle back across her knee for a dose of the hairbrush. This time, MIchelle’s tights (pantyhose) were lowered so Aunt Violet could make a real impression on the insolent girl’s bare bottom. After a good dose of the brush, Michelle sobbed her way to bed, regretting her smart mouth and nursing her smarting bottom.

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