Jessica’s Beltings – irresponsibility

Friday, December 2, 2011



Jessica’s Beltings – irresponsibility

Jessica’s Beltings – irresponsibility

Unemployment was high and Jessica’s mum had called in a favour to get her daughter a job interview. But the ungrateful girl had not bothered to attend, so needless to say, her parents were not best pleased. Daddy had already decided that Jessica would be gong to bed early with a sore bottom and had planned on putting her across his knee for the first time since leaving school. But when the girl tried to dismiss her lack of responsibility by saying “It’s only a f*cking job”, Daddy changed his mind. He put Jessica over the end of the dining table and took off his broad leather belt. As she tried to argue that she was too old to be chastised the first stinger landed across the seat of her skin-tight shorts. After a few more, including a couple across the backs of her legs, Daddy had her attention. He then ordered Jessica to stand up and take down her shorts and tights, so that he could teach her a proper lesson. Daddy administered a severe bare bottom strapping that did not stop until his daughter’s sobbing convinced him that she had indeed learned that lesson. The thoroughly chastened and humiliated spanking women could not stop crying as she pulled her shorts up over her purple bottom cheeks. Jessica was lectured, then sent to apologise to her mum before going straight to bed to cry herself to sleep, face down of course!

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