Marked for Discipline

Monday, December 5, 2011



Marked for Discipline

One of the most intense CP fantasies we’ve produced – and certainly our longest single clip. It sees Tamsyn endure a stinging otk spanking video and Skye a solid paddling (with a heavy oak paddle), prior to both receiving a severe, bare-bottom caning! “Its all about the ritual”, Tamsyn remarks at one point – and this is ritualistic CP at its very best. First a very long otk spanking, administered by a rather austere headmistress. Tamsyn then emerges complaining about how long it went on and showing Skye a very sore bottom. But Skye’s not impressed. She’s just received a sound paddling from ‘Old Armstrong’, the gym mistress! Turns out these are just trifling preliminaries for what is still to come. Both are required to present themselves back in the Punishment Room for a lasting and salutary lesson – each receiving a blistering caning of around 40 strokes, the final few at record speed spanking needs!

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    Does anyone read these? If so, I can recommend this clip!

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