Michelle’s Strappings – disrespect

Friday, December 2, 2011



Michelle’s Strappings – disrespect

Michelle was in trouble – serious trouble. She was going through that stage where her behaviuor was getting worse by the day, in spite of regular spanking girls from Daddy. But now she really had pushed too far. Earlier in the week she’d gone to her great grandma’s 80th birthday tea party, only to leave after half an hour without even saying goodbye to granny! For her rude and inconsiderate behaviour Michelle was placed across the paternal lap and soundly firm hand spanking on her bare bottom then sent to the corner until she’d stopped crying. Even that didn’t teach her a lesson and when daddy asked what was so important that she had to leave early the silly girl lied. So her fate was sealed. Daddy told Michelle to lie across the arm of his chair whilst he went to get his tawse. The horrible girl knew this was serious but her pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. Daddy decided that she would be taught a lesson she wouldn’t forget in a hurry. He laid the strap across her bare bottom until she was begging for mercy. When he finally stopped, Michelle lay sobbing across the chair and it was a good while before her legs had the strength to stand up. It was Michelle’s first taste of the tawse and she sincerely hoped it would be her last.

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