Missy’s Wet Bottom Spanking – Full Scene

Tuesday, December 13, 2011



Missy’s Wet Bottom Spanking – Full Scene

Missy Rhodes snuck away to go to the jacuzi but told her Aunt Clare (played by Clare Fonda) that she was at swim practice. Aunt Clare knows the truth. When Missy sees the otk spanking chair, she pleads with her Aunt not to spank her again. Her bottom is still sore from yesterday’s spanking needs. But Aunt Clare drags Missy over her knee and gives her wet bottom a hard hand spanking. In this full clip, the spanking begins over Missy’s swimsuit, the continues after Missy is ordered to strip her swimsuit off to receive a bare bottom spanking. Missy learns that a wet bottom spanking hurts more. All her pleading won’t stop this spanking. Missy actually cries real tears in this clip, and at one point you can see the tears rolling down her face. On the bare, Aunt Clare declares that Missy has earned 300 spanks, and she makes Missy count them. At one point, near 60, Missy loses count and Aunt Clare makers her start over. This is a very real, very hard spanking that turned Missy’s bottom bright red and left her with marks.

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    Thank you for your great work. I really like Missy Rhodes and would like to see more videos of her.
    I also wanted to request some Videos from spankchannel, i really like them too.

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