On The Spot Spankings – Becca

Saturday, December 3, 2011



On The Spot Spankings – Becca

Girls often break the rules and think they’ve got away with it, then suddenly they find themselves across the paternal lap for an “on the spot” otk spanking. Becca had been out with a boy that Daddy had forbidden her to see and knew she’d be in for a hiding if he found out. She thought he wouldn’t, but he did. So the disobedient spanking girls was pulled up from the settee and bent straight over his knee for a good hand spanking on her bottom and legs. Daddy didn’t think this position was satisfactory, so ordered Becca across his knee for a “proper” spanking tube. Next her shorts came down and the tanning continued until her bottom was glowing red through her white tights. When she was crying properly, Becca was allowed up, told to remove her tights and to fetch Daddy’s slipper. The sobbing girl was put straight back across the knee and slippered hard on the bare bottom until her tears convinced him that she’d learned her lesson, or at least, that she’d try harder not to get caught next time!

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