Strict Head Girls – Lucy spanks Claire

Friday, December 9, 2011



Strict Head Girls – Lucy spanks Claire

This spanking stories about Claire was sent to the corporal punishment room for leaving the school grounds at lunchtime without permission. No teachers were available for punishment duty so Lucy – the Head Girl – was asked to do the honours. Claire objected to being spanked by another spanking girls so Lucy gave her a hard hand spanking on the backs of her legs to ensure her compliance. Before the shock had fully sunk in, the junior girl was across the senior girls’ knee receiving a hard spanking across the seat of her tight white school knickers. This definitely made an impression but still Lucy was not satisfied and ordered Claire to stand up and take them down. When Claire hesitated, Lucy pulled them down for her and resumed the corporal punishment on the bare bottom. Claire was sent back to class snivelling and rubbing her burning bottom cheeks, but worse than that was the shame she felt at being spanked to tears by another schoolgirl.

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