Tears Before Bedtime for Claire

Saturday, December 3, 2011



Tears Before Bedtime for Claire

Claire’s dad had forbidden her seeing Jason, a local low-life, but she decided to ignore his instruction and had been out with him the night before. Unfortunately, Daddy found out and Claire was summoned to the den when he got home from work the next day. When confronted by the truth she denied her offence, almost by instinct. So the disobedient girl was put straight across the paternal lap for a bare bottom spanking. Daddy’s hand tanned her bottom until she finally admitted, through her tears and sobbing, to seeing Jason the previous evening. Wilful disobedience always meant “tears before bedtime” and the snivelling girl shuffled off to change into her pyjamas otk spanking. When she reached the breakfast room, Daddy’s belt was waiting on the table in front of her, but it was soon lashing across the seat of her pyjama pants. Claire was ordered to stand and bare her bottom before the thrashing resumed. It only stopped when Claire’s sobbing convinced Daddy that the girl had learned her lesson. (For a little while, at least)

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