The Gym Mistress is Worse!

Monday, December 12, 2011



The Gym Mistress is Worse!

Waiting for the Headmistress – that slipper really stung last time. But it’s the Gym Mistress, not the Head, approaching – still, can’t be worse, can it? Into the punishment room, over the desk, spanking girls skirt up – then the first whack. Not too bad, actually. Another, more of a tap really, and then another – this is going to be alright. Then on the bare – hey, that well stung! Next, just about bearable – and on like that, some stingers, but most ok (just) until it’s all over… Except, can’t be – “Now for the cane!”. Repositioned, up on a stool – better target (apparently). “No moving…”, then swish-thwack – the first stroke bites hard. Another and another – stinging like hell – on and on – 6, 12, 18 – she’s really getting into it now – 19, 20, 21… Lost count – these stripes will last for ages!

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