The Lena Ramone Stories

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The Lena Ramone Stories

Stars: Chelsea, Lena Ramone

Released: 2007

Four tales of trouble for naughty Lena. Scantily Clad find Lena trying to sneak out of the house behind Aunt Chelsea’s back in very low cut jeans. By now, everyone knows very little gets by Aunt Chelsea. Sexual Spanking is one super sexed-up spanking session with a special vibrating toy, called the Vibestrap…Chelsea straps it onto her thigh and then places Lena just so, then the sexy spanking begins! Bedtime Story begins when Lena is found dressed in sleazy lingerie at bedtime. Finally, when Lena arrives for work in Chelsea’s exclusive clothing boutique with a terrible run in her pantyhose it’s time for A Boutique Spanking!


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