The Nun – Convent Capers 2&3

Monday, December 5, 2011



The Nun – Convent Capers 2&3

If you haven’t seen Part One – The Novice – in our convent series, now might be a good time to do so. The Nun is in two parts (both in the one clip) and continues the story, beginning with Novice Chastity and Sister Gloriana ‘caught in the act’ by the aptly-named Sister Sanctimonia. Outraged, she admonishes the crestfallen novice, bends her over a desk and gives her bare bottom a good, spanking video. Of course, being senior, there’s worse for Sister Gloriana who in addition to the paddle has to submit to a humiliating OTK spanking from the Novice she led astray. However, Sanctimonia’s tirade is abruptly halted (we won’t reveal why), and she finds herself on the receiving end. Gloriana proves far more adept at dishing out punishment and, ably assisted by Chastity, proceeds to administer some harsh retribution to the rueful Sanctimonia with hand, paddle and finally the cane. But that’s not the end of Sanctimonia’s torment. After sending Chastity away, Gloriana forces Sanctimonia to accept a severe and domestic discipline 24-stroke caning, dressed in school uniform, as revenge for causing her first caning at the convent.

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