Traditional Discipline Trilogy

Friday, December 16, 2011



Traditional Discipline Trilogy

Three classic spanking stories in the one clip – mother and daughter, teacher and student, and last but not least, a good, old-fashioned, no-nonsense caning! First, Chastity’s disrespect earns her a sound otk spanking over her panties, shortly followed by another, even harder with them down for downright rudeness – a full 50 stinging spanks setting her cheeks ablaze! Next up, the stern and salubrious Miss Brown applies some extra curricula domestic discipline to another recalcitrant student’s yielding posterior. “Six with your knickers – and six without” she announces, before delivering the first swishing stroke with her usual blend of ambivalence and cruelty. Shot from two different angles, you get to see every stroke delivered and then how well it’s received. Finally, to round things off, the salutory, cold caning of a disobedient spanking girls in the traditional, touch-your-toes, wide stance position. Twelve of the best, no warm-up …And some angry red stripes for good measure spanking!

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  1. westpier Says:

    This video has one of the best caning sequences ever in it. Straight forward, hard, no hour long conversation, no girl turning her head in a ridiculous manner so the camera can see her face – perfect

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