Whacked Waitresses

Saturday, December 10, 2011



Whacked Waitresses

spanking girls Michelle and Violet were having a nit of girlie fun in the staff room when they were discovered by the manager. Although Miss Carter is quite partial to a bit of girlie fun herself, she believes that there is a time and place for everything. She decided that this was the right time and place for spanking some bottoms so she wastd no time in pulling Michelle across her knee for a good hard tanning on the seat of her white knickers. Miss Carter then pulled them between her cheeks before continuing corporal punishment on Michelle’s very cute but very sore bare bottom. Michelle was sent back to work sobbing and clutching her burning derriere whilst Miss Carter turned her attention to Violet. She followed her colleague over the boss’s knee but Miss Carter thought she had too much protection from the knickers and tights she was wearing so pulled them down to continue Violet’s spanking on the bare. The girl was sniffing back her tears by the time Miss Carter ordered her to stand up but much to her dismay that was not the end of the matter. Violet stood soothing her bottom whilst Miss Carter went to fetch the hairbrush. Violet genuinely regretted her behaviur as Miss Carter turned her shapely bottom purple with the brush. Then like Michelle, she was sent back to work sobbing, leaving Miss Carter to consider herself very satisfied with her “management skills spanking video”.

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  1. collector Says:

    This ones been reported. Any chance of a reupload?

  2. Reupload Please Says:

    Please re-upload all the ones with Miss Carter from Uniform Spanking or Wellspanked! They all get deleted so fast. :(

  3. admin Says:

    Leave your requests. I will send links by e-mail. when sending the request, specify an existing email!

  4. ava Says:

    pls send it also to me ;)

  5. collector Says:

    Can you resend me the links to this title

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