Chelsea Spanks! Elizabeth & Snow

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Chelsea Spanks! Elizabeth & Snow

Stars: Elizabeth, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Snow Mercy

Released: 2010

Elizabeth’s Spanking: I met Elizabeth through a social networking site. She’s a brilliant young woman, successful in her professional life and into being spanked in her private life. This woman is for real, had never done any video work and doesn’t posses the figure of a “model”. If you like fuller figures, you’ll love her. She’s charming and cherubic, sexy, submissive and sensual. Plus, she takes a hand spanking, of course.

Next up? A large, heart-shaped wooden paddle. Then, two different straps, one while in the diaper position. This particular segment is where her true sexiness shines through. She melts into the strapping, even as she cringes in anticipation and winces as the strap lands. You see her face, bottom and cute pussy in one shot. Uh! It’s really, really sexy. Did I mention that it’s sexy?

Finally, she bends over the chair for a slightly more serious strapping. Elizabeth takes it and takes it beautifully!

Snow’s Spanking: Snow set me back a bit when I met her. I thought she was a fetish model, one of the girls who work around with all of us producers. But, I was wrong. She’s worked for Clare Fonda and she does private sessions in a pro club here in L.A. That’s it. She does those things because she loves spanking. She has a day job. A really great, you get it because you have a great education and you’re damned smart, job. She decided she wanted to work for me, so she got my email from Clare. It was a total set up…for me!

She takes my hand spanking, as hard a one as I can deliver (which ain’t chopped liver) like it’s a massage, cooing and sighing in pleasure. The hairbrush spanking gets her attention a bit more. The large wooden paddle takes her beyond pain, into her subspace I believe, because what happens next just blew my mind. I caned her with my triple cane and she took it so hard the bamboo tips exploded! Then, she let me cane her some more, this time with the thickest cane I own. What did she do after taking all of this? She thanked me…profusely… for the pleasure of being spanked by someone who knew so well, according to her expectations, exactly how it should be done.


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