Chelsea Spanks – Natalie & Molly

Monday, January 2, 2012


Chelsea Spanks – Natalie & Molly

Stars: Molly Matthews, Natalie Minx, Chelsea Spanks

Released: 2006

Beautiful and sexy Natalie Minx is new to CPE and Chelsea welcomes her with an enthusiastic bottom warming. She needed to be spanked for disciplinary purposes. She’d been naughty all over the place, in almost every way imaginable and her boyfriend was letting her get away with everything! It was clear someone had to take this girl to task. Chelsea is happy to be that someone. She begins with a traditional over-the-knee spanking that starts with a proper skirt-dusting. As the scene progresses, Natalie’s punishment intensifies! Chelsea takes her large wooden hairbrush to Natalie’s already burning bottom. By the end of the punishment spanking, naughty Natalie is nude, bent over a chair and getting a good strapping!

Molly Matthews returns to CPE after a long absence. (She was sorely missed!) She tells Chelsea that it’s been a very long time since she’s been spanked and that’s all the provocation Chelsea needs! During all of her earlier CPE appearances, Chelsea had never spanked Molly. So, when the long-lost, lovely, leggy blonde called and asked to come by for a spanking, Chelsea was beside herself with anticipation.When she arrives, Molly is warmly greeted and then immediately taken over Chelsea’s knee. No need to waste any time! During the course of her spanking, three implements (a leather paddle, a black leather strap and a large wooden paddle) are used. It sounds severe and it is. But, Molly’s reaction is the surprising thing: She becomes absolutely aroused! No matter how hard Chelsea spanks, Molly only seems to like it more. Soon, Chelsea, too, becomes aroused. This sizzling scene absolutely gets out of hand!


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