Mom Spanks Daughter Missy For Drinking

Friday, January 13, 2012



Mom Spanks Daughter Missy For Drinking – Full Scene

Missy (played by Missy Gold) was sent home from high school because she was caught drinking. Her beautiful mom (played by the very tall and stern Snow Mercy) is fed up and is down to her last effort to discipline her wayward daughter. In one of the most spetacular and realistic mother/daughter spanking scenes you will EVER see, the Mom spanks Missey over her knee, first on the skirt, then her white panties, then on her bare bottom otk spanking, all the while Missy struggles and kicks and cries. Finally, when it is over, Missy promises that she has learned her lesson. She is sent to the corner where she rubs her very red, very sore bottom. She calls her friend to tell her all about the lesbian spanking.

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