The Madison Young Stories

Friday, January 20, 2012


The Madison Young Stories

Stars: Madison Young, Chelsea Pfeiffer

Released: 2006

When receptionist Madison fails to take down phone numbers of important callers, Chelsea is forced to firmly reprimand the careless girl in Receptionists’ Red-Assed Reprimand. Then, Madison gets Her Promiscuous Little Ass spanked good and hard when the younger woman is found messing around with Chelsea’s boyfriend! Remember, Madison, before you can get to his ass, you’ve got to deal with Chelsea’s ass first. Chelsea’s packing her own set of rods.


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  1. j Says:

    Any chance you could reup the second part of the movie. It seems to be gone.

  2. Pepe Says:

    Second link isn’t working!

  3. collector Says:

    part 2 of this set comes up as ‘not found’. Any chance of a reupload?

  4. admin Says:


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