English Punishment Series #50

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


English Punishment Series #50

Stars: Helga

Released: 2008

“Unwilling Punishment” – Hawthorn and Woods stay behind after classroom hours for a chat. One thing leads to another and they start playing around with each other. On his rounds Mr. Berkley, the science teacher, finds Woods playing with herself on one of the school desks. Although corporal punishment has been outlawed, he sees fit to use his discretion on this occasion as he feels that the girls won’t want anyone else knowing what has happened. They accept this solution unwillingly and their bare bottoms are made to pay for this disgusting behavior with a hardcore spanking that left their bare butts bright red!

“Double Red Lines” – Leah Wood’s partner is disturbed to receive another parking ticket in the post. Warning had been posted, so this time an extremely severe caning is issued with a “double” cane.

“Apologies Not Accepted” – Bad behavior at St. Luke’s amongst the pupils has been at an all time high since the banning of corporal punishment. One sexy German girl, Helga, has been spanked in front of the class by Ms Fay. Helga’s mother charges into Ms. Fay’s office demanding an explanation for her daughter having been spanked. The mother is livid and orders the pretty teacher across her knee for some spanking. Ms. Woods, the deputy principal, hears the commotion and enters. She orders Helga’s mother to stop and in a heated exchange Ms. Woods forces her over her knee. She is spanked and paddled, then caned for this outrage. Ms. Fay’s problems are not over however! Ms. Woods sees fit to can her as well for disobeying the school code of conduct.


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