Fringe Benefits

Monday, February 6, 2012


Fringe Benefits

Stars: Rose Bottoms, Carrie Marks

Released: 1994

Lovely Miss Walters has just had the misfortune of being hired to the most envied job in the corporation, personal secretary to Mr. Sykes. Two hard working office girls were passed up. In walks lovely Miss Walters and she’s hired on the spot. What’s more, Mr. Sykes has ordered Miss Tulley and Miss Drexel to teach the novice how to type. And while they’re at it, the two senior staffers engage the haughty Miss Walters in a little discipline training.

Her bare bottom gets a thorough thrashing with the strap and the cane. Interestingly, the office girls find a certain sexual arousal in this activity. When the tearful Miss Walters has left for the day, the two girls continue the punishment on one another. This time it’s for pleasure.


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