Rachelle’s Brutal Beating – FULL MOVIE – 3 Scenes

Monday, February 13, 2012



Rachelle’s Brutal Beating – FULL MOVIE -3 Scenes

300 Swats for Breaking Curfew – Scene 1- First 100 Swats – First person account “As most people know, I have a very hard spanking time following rules. Daddy caught me breaking curfew and it definitely wasn’t the first time. So daddy and I made an agreement the first time breaking curfew which had happened that night I would get 100 with the strap. The second time was 100 with the cane and the third time was 100 with the paddle. I couldn’t believe that I can’t even be good when I was threatened with massive destruction to my rear end. I arrived to see daddy and was super nervous. I knew my bottom was gonna be hurting but I also knew that I had to be a big girl and take what was coming to me. So of course daddy scolded a little and made sure I knew why I was gonna be punished and of course I did. I tried to make it a little better by trying to get him to say it was 2 times I broke curfew but he has a really good memory and reminded me it was 3 times… shoot. Daddy ordered me over his lap and started hard with his hand but not for long. He ordered me up and over pillows…. oh dear here it comes. He got his strap and started hard. The bites on the sides of my bottom hurt so bad. I was fighting back tears at first but as usual I just can’t. Daddy did 100 swats straight on, no stopping. I couldn’t stop moving, I wiggled and wiggled, even tried to put my hand back for a break but daddy kept going. Stupid straps on hands hurt.” 2nd Hundred -Severe Caning Reporting for discipline after breaking her curfew three times in one week. The first 100 swats with a thick leather strap have already been delivered and left her bottom red and swollen 100 strokes of Daddy’s heavy cane will really leave an impression on her. Delivered full force to her bare ass and thighs as she screams and cries in pain. Given a short break in the middle to remove her jacket, the cane cuts into her tender flesh with vicious force , leaving welts and breaking skin. Session 2 of 3 in her 300 Stroke penalty. HARD domestic discipline , 100 full force cane strokes. Final 100 Swats – Paddled Purle and Blistered Rachelle has ignored her bedtime and her schoolwork is suffering and she knows what the consequences of disobedience are. She confesses to missing curfew 3 times in the past week, and accepts her discipline of 300 swats, 100 with the strap, 100 with the cane , and 100 with Daddy’s paddles. This scene is the final 100 swats FULL FORCE on her bare bottom with Daddy’s nasty wooden paddles. She cries as her bottom is beaten purple and swollen , a lesson she won’t soon forget. SEVERE Domestic Discipline filmed in HD brutal spanking video apprx 10 minutes of bottom blistering.

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