Russian Slaves 65 – Persecution Of The Russian Church & Beria & School Girl

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Russian Slaves 65 – Persecution Of The Russian Church & Beria & School Girl

Stars: Jerry Geroshvile, Nadezda Dozorova, Masha Kalinina, Dmitry Zagulin, Nicita Guhman, Tatyana Markova, Sabrina Zeleznova

Released: 2011

The first part of this movie reveals the madness in communist Russia from 1930-1938 towards the Russian church. One young pretty nun is compelled into humiliation and unspeakable cruel punishment in the cabinet of secret police. She was made to undress stark naked in front of male officers and was viciously wiped in humiliating standing positions with her hands on her head until her posterior became a bloody mess.

The second part of the movie sheds light on one of the darkest pages of Russian History, when young innocent schoolgirls were kidnapped from the streets of Moscow and brought to chief of secret police Mr. Beria Lavrenti Pavlovich for sadistic games including whipping and torturing. In this movie a poor young creature made a big mistake! She dried her underwear on the statue of Lenin. When neighbors witnessed this they called the police and the poor girl was tied to a table and viciously whipped by one of the cruelest policemen in charge!


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