Best Of English Discipline Part 2

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Best Of English Discipline Part 2

Released: 1990

The stern schoolmaster commands the disobedient schoolgirl to bend over and touch her toes. He lifts her skirt and bares her bottom for punishment of the cane. The rebellious niece is made to drop her panties while her irate uncle impatiently fondles a black riding crop. A delinquent female submits to corporal punishment in lieu of a prison sentence.

In this presentation, scenes have been compiled from five of our favorite English Discipline videos. The spanking, whipping, and caning are but one aspect of the scenes contained herein. The soft, white bottoms turned beat red under the paddle, crop, or cane, the very sincere tears of repentance on rose red cheeks are another charming facet.

But the one element that distinguishes this from ordinary spanking videos is that unmistakable air of authority with which it is meted out. This is discipline done in the true English tradition.

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