I Like It

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I Like It

Released: 1998

Jenny goes around to her girlfriends flat as an extremely inopportune time. Her cheating fiancee, Gary is there have a very good time with the two girls. He hides in the bathroom white the girls
supposedly “best mates” of Jenny have a drink with her in the sitting room. Jenny believes that there is someone else there, as the girls are dressed only in night shirts. But as they are denying it, Jenny hears a noise and goes to investigate.

It is not long before she finds Gary and following a huge argument, she confronts her girlfriends, who are quite remorseful and say that they will do anything to retain her friendship. Jenny is so mad there is only one thing that she can think of at this time, and that is to whip the girls until their curvy bottoms are welted beyond recognition. She sends one of the girls to fetch some implements to beat them with, and while she is gone warms up the others’ bottom with some hand smacks. When she returns, the paddles are used to good effect blossoming their cheeks before the cane adds the finishing touches.

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