English Punishment Series Volume 23

Sunday, March 18, 2012


English Punishment Series Volume 23

Released: 2000

Encompassing the most recent of out titles, this video contains some memorable moments from: “Spanked, Caned, Etc”: The local female nightclub owner must administer some corporal punishment to one of her table dancers when she strays from the accepted path. In “Reprimanded With The Cane” another turn to the nightclub circuit finds several women punished with the cane when they are found stealing bar receipts and petty cash. In “Rehab Reprobates”, Nurses Donna and Eleanor have been selling alcohol rehab hospital, as a way of making extra money. We soon find that several patients turn the tables and force the girls into some corporal punishment as a way of saving their jobs. And lastly, “caned For Benefits” has a furious boss administering his own method of behavioral adjustment to two of his personal assistants when they haven’t completed their business presentation on time.


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