Jerry Stringer Strokes And Incompetence At The Nursing Home

Friday, March 2, 2012


Jerry Stringer Strokes And Incompetence At The Nursing Home

Stars: Jerry Stringer

Jerry Stringer is as furious as he is handsome! Two girls on his live show have taken things just a little too far for his liking, and injured one of the security men that helped separate them. Jerry finds the girls arguing backstage where he punishes them one at a time, for potentially ruining his successful show.

“You’ve given me trouble, now I’m going to give you trouble!” Stringer’s time is far too valuable to waste on hand spankings and he takes them immediately with a sturdy cane. The first girl marks very quickly, Jerry takes time to admire his handiwork. However, her revival is much more resilient and Jerry must really dig deep to teach her a lesson she won’t forget.

While preparing medicines for her elderly patients at a retirement home, Nurse Wilton is given some shocking news. Apparently her supervisor is under the impression that she has tied up one of her patients. She at first denies the accusation, but after more questioning she does admit to her extreme measures saying that it was prevent the patient from causing further trouble.

Her supervisor is not at all pleased, and decided to give her a dose of her own medicine. In the kitchen, the supervisor bends the nurse over a chair to beat some kindness into her. As the Nurse is quite stubborn, her supervisor feels that it is necessary to take her into another room where she makes her strip to her stocking and gives her a lengthily thrashing with the cane.


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