Lisa Must Be Caned & The Academy

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Lisa Must Be Caned & The Academy

Stars: Kathryn Neilson, George Welch

Released: 1990

With her tennis skirt lifted and her knickers round her ankles, Lisa protest as the hard spanking turns her lovely, white bottom a deep red. Uncle Brian is a keen table- tennis player, and he uses his paddle to good effect. Then Lisa must strip off her school uniform for a caning. Brian ignores her pleas for mercy as he dishes out over sixty hard strokes, most on her bare bottom.

The Academy gymnasium becomes a chamber of punishment for two problem girls. However Miss Rummel seems to have overstepped her authority in administering the spankings. The Chancellor has traditionally reserved this task for himself and he performs it well leaving two delightfully red young bottoms and very contrite attitudes. Now there is a little matter of insubordination to be dealt with, Miss Rummel declares the Chancellor. “Your Turn!”


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