Navy Stripes & Caning In The Rain

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Navy Stripes & Caning In The Rain

Released: 2002

Two attractive naval cadets see red when they are called to a tribunal at headquarters. They know there is more trouble in store for them as they are repeat offenders and this time AWOL is not going to go unpunished. Petty Officer Clarke is given the job of their punishment. The cane is used at least 50 times on each girl until their bottoms are striped sufficiently to make sure this never happens again.

And in Caning In The Rain, a persistent offender at St Margaret’s School for Ladies is summoned before her headmistress. She is particularly perturbed when she hears that her own car has been the victim of the girls’ mindless vandalism. This is the final straw, and after giving her a bare-bottomed spanking in her office, she orders her outside where she is given a sound caning in the rain…


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