American Spanking Classics #13 – It Hurts To Remember Paddled Secretary

Thursday, April 19, 2012


American Spanking Classics #13 – It Hurts To Remember Paddled Secretary

In “It Hurts to Remember,” Yvette can’t wait to see her former tutor once again. As they reminisce, we watch the past come alive as her red striped bottom squirms and quivers with each twack of her tutor’s bare hand and eventually the cane. The former tutor is quite pleased with the excellent results! And in, “Paddled Secretary,” Miss Wood’s interview with Miss Kane is going quite well. We learn that one of the reasons that these cosmetic hopefuls are paid so well is that in their contract there is a very specific clause. It seems that if they are found to be making any mistakes they are returned in kind by both spankings and canings. Seems that none of them have failed to sign as yet…


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