Artistic Impression

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Artistic Impression
Stars: Lilly, Jessica, Colonel

While posing at the local college for art student, Jessica, the Colonel is getting irritated by the long wait. He has a luncheon date with his American friend Lilly. Jessica notices the pervert behind his eyes, which are scouring up and down her body, and she gets the feeling that he is undressing her. She decides not to paint his portrait and instead paint a line of girls being caned.

After searching the school for him, Lilly comes in, sees what is going on and reports to the Colonel what Jessica is painting. The Colonel is furious and lectures the girl on her bad ways. He searches around the art studio and finds a birch and a cane and uses them, with Lilly, to good effect.

As a bonus while punishing the girls, the old soldiers harps back to a day when they had a reunion in a pub with Johnny, the Tank Commander. Quite by accident the bar girl and a pretty Red Cross Charity Collector happened to be giving the boys too much cheek that day, which resulted in their knickers being pulled down and hard smacks being administered to their bare bottoms.


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