Colleagues Caning

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Colleagues Caning

Released: 1999

Gena has been put on Coventry by her workmates because she had given sexual favors to the Boss, in order to obtain a promotion and raise in pay. Her workmates were peeved by this (to put it mildly) since they had been with the company much longer.

During lunch one day, two employees hatched a plot to take Gena into the boardroom for a punishment session that she won’t forget. Knowing how lonely Gena is, they put it to her that she can again be their friend if she is willing to accept a mild punishment. Desperate for friends to talk to, she readily agrees, not knowing that the girls are going to beat her lovely bottom black and blue. They have with them some savage implements including heavy tawse. A hard caning is soon to follow, leaving her bottom with a glittering of marks.

When this is over Gena is gasping for breath and confesses that it was the idea of one of the girls to get her promotion in that way. This causes an instant argument between the two secretaries. Gena is kicked out and despite not being able to sit down for 3 weeks, will still not have anyone to talk with.


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