Demerits Discipline – Alice & Jenny

Tuesday, April 10, 2012



Demerits Discipline – Alice & Jenny

It was Friday lunch-break again, my favourite time of the week because I get to dish out the demerits discipline to the 6th form spanking girls. I was looking forward to today because Alice & Jenny, the two worst behaved girls in my year, had earned enough demerits to earn a punishment from me. I was looking forward to the challenge of putting a couple of girls whose bottoms were no strangers to the Head’s cane across my knee. Alice was first and I knew she was tough, I once saw her get 12 with the slipper in fornt of the class and she never even flinched. So I administered a long, firm hand spanking that would sting for a long time afterwards. When she was snivelling I allowed her to stand up and I knew from her face that I’d made an impression! Next was Alice’s partner in crime, Jenny. For some reason she had one demerit less but I didn’t let stop me from baring the little madam’s bottom before putting her across my knee for just as long and hard a spanking as I’d given her friend. I knew from experience that those girls would not enjoy trying to sit at their desks for the rest of the afternoon.

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