English Punishment Series 32

Monday, April 30, 2012


English Punishment Series 32

Released: 2003

In “Maid of Dishonor” a bride learns that one of her bridesmaids recently slept with her husband. She then desires to redden both her bridesmaids’ bottoms in retribution.

In “Rebecca & The Headmistress,” Rebecca learns that the only way she can stay in college is to accept a bare bottom spanking and caning from her headmistress.

In “Painful Interviews” two attractive girls answer an ad for a high-paying position and learn that along with the job comes a mandatory hand spanking and caning!

In “Cry Babies Caning” two young stable hands are spanked and caned when the owner learns that they have been improperly handling her horses.

And lastly in “Final Selection” several record company producers are searching for a pop star in Britain. Three young singers are advised the in order to progress to the next level, they must submit to both a hand spanking and a caning. Eager to become stars they all readily submit to fierce coral punishment!


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